Commercial Pilot Certificate

Obtain a position as a professional pilot on paper.

Course Description

Holding a Commercial Pilot certificate will allow you to obtain a position as a professional pilot on paper. You will be introduced to commercial regulations and advanced helicopter maneuvers at high altitude, and gain deeper understanding of Federal Aviation Administration regulations, helicopter aerodynamics and systems, and emergency procedures.  Additionally, students learn how to teach ground lessons in preparation for entrance into the flight instructor certificate program.
Most employers require students to build hours beyond their fresh commercial certificate. Many pilots do so by obtaining their flight instructor certificate.

Estimated Tuition to Meet FAA Minimums – $55,000

  • 70 Ground Hours
  • 150 Flight Hours

Program Requirements

  • Be at least 18 years of age by the time of the practical test
  • Hold at least a private pilot certificate
  • Be able to read, write, speak, and understand English
  • Hold a 3rd Class Medical (a 2nd or 1st Class is required to exercise commercial pilot privileges)
  • Pass a written knowledge test
  • 150 hours of flight time, including 100 hours acting as pilot-in-command and 20 hours of training
  • Pass a final checkride with an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner, consisting of an oral exam and flight check.

Training Materials

  • FAA Helicopter Flying Handbook
  • FAA Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge
  • Federal Aviation Regulations/Aeronautical Information Manual
  • Principles of Helicopter Flight (W.J. Wagtendonk)
  • ASA Private Pilot Test Prep
  • ASA Private Pilot Oral Exam Guide
  • ASA Practical Test Standards
  • San Francisco Sectional Chart
  • Chart Supplement – Southwest
  • E6B Flight Planning Computer & Plotter
  • FAA Instrument Flying Handbook
  • Instrument Pilot’s Handbook (R. Machado)
  • ASA Instrument Rating Test Prep
  • ASA Instrument Rating Oral Exam Guide
  • ASA Instrument Rating Practical Test Standards
  • Enroute Low Altitude Charts, L3&4, L9&10
  • ASA Commercial Pilot Test Prep
  • ASA Commercial Pilot Oral Exam Guide
  • ASA Commercial Pilot Practical Test Standards
  • Laptop or Tablet with WIFI capability (you will need to access videos, PDFs, and other instructional materials)
  • Optional: Apple & Android portable device – training and reference applications