Hour Building

Build hours to progress in your career as a helicopter pilot.

Hour Building description

Do you need to build hours to progress in your career as a helicopter pilot? Did you learn how to fly at sea level and want to enhance your resume with high-altitude experience? Pacific North Helicopters allows you to buy blocks of hours at a discounted rate:

  • Fly 7 days a week during the day and at night in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.
  •  Fly Lake Tahoe with it’s teal blue waters.
  • Learn how to finesse the controls of the helicopter to squeeze out maximum performance during hot summer days at altitude.
  • Land and practice maneuvers in gusting mountain winds and whiteout conditions.
  • Practice pinnacles, slopes and landing on rocky or snow-capped, 10,000-foot mountains, surrounded by trees.

Purchase Blocks of Time and Save*

  • 10 Hours – Save 2.5%
  • 20 Hours – Save 5%
  • 50 Hours – Save 7.5%
  • 100 Hours – Save 10%