Our Team and Fleet

Meet The Team

Riccardo Surrente
CEO Heli Tahoe

Mark Hinzman
Chief Pilot

David Duckworth
Intellectual Property Attorney

Carolina Certani
EU manager HeliStar International

Simone Cangemi
EU manager HeliStar International

Dickinson Wright PLLC
Legal Services

Training Fleet

Heli Tahoe Academy has a fleet of Robinson  R44 helicopters. Most employers require time in the R44. The R44 are widely used because of their low operating costs, reliable Lycoming piston engines, and good performance at high altitude. Though you won’t be flying up to the 14,000-foot ceiling that Robinsons are limited to, you’ll come close. As you progress in our training program, you’ll learn how to squeeze every ounce of performance out of these helicopters. Emerging from that training, you will join an elite lineage of skilled high-altitude helicopter pilots.

Our History

Starting from the shared dream of flight. HeliTahoe has built a solid reputation as the premiere helicopter tour, charter operator and flight training school in business in the Lake Tahoe area since 2006.
No other helicopter tour operation in Lake Tahoe can compare with our level of experience and professionalism. Our helicopter pilots are have combined flight experience and training of over 50 years, with a sincere desire to teach others to fly safely, to provide the best customer service possible, and an the most enjoyable tour experience possible. We maintain high-standards of performance and safety employing well-trained pilots who have been professionally trained in Part 141 flight schools, and all are college-educated veterans with a high regard for safety, professionalism and integrity.

HeliTahoe has operations in Truckee, South Lake Tahoe and the Bay Area with FAA certifications to fly helicopter tours, helicopter charters and flight training.
Integrity in and out the cockpit is our standard and our commitment.
Today, the crew of HeliTahoe flies passengers from all over the world high above the Lake Tahoe Basin, and our students come from 4 corners of the globe to be trained by us in high-density altitude conditions in real mountain flight terrain.

Sierra Nevada and the Lake Tahoe region offers a unique flight experience preparing our students for any future challenges in the aviation industry. Off airports, Pinnacles, Confined areas are the norm not the exception.
Our experienced Pilots will train you to next level beyond your expectations.